Technical Spare Parts
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Technical Spare Parts


Walvoil is the leading manufacturer of hydraulic valves and mechatronic systems designed for mobile equipment, agricultural machines, industrial vehicles, construction and earth moving machines, lifting and transport equipment. Customers use Walvoil because it guarantees customer satisfaction through providing quality. Walvoil is used is many different industries.  Agricultural OEM and Machine builders relay on the quality. Amacoo is proud to supply Walvoil to its customers.


Amacoo offers a wide range of the Walvoil assortment

Our experience tells us especially in the last years that delivery times on Walvoil were very long. This is why Amacoo has a very large stock. We listed the fast movers. Is your item not on our Webshop or in our hydraulic catalogue you can contact us. We can provide the entire range of products. Walvoil products can be easily found in our Webshop when you use original reference numbers – Walvoil numbers. Walvoil products are listed in the Hydraulics section. Amacoo also produces its own basic line like Walvoil.



Amacoo offers standard the ranges plus spare parts

Walvoil SD4  –  1 section

Walvoil SD5  –  1 section

Walvoil SD5  –  2 sections

Walvoil SD5  –  3 sections

Walvoil SD5  –  4 sections

Walvoil SD5  –  5 sections

Walvoil SD5  –  6 sections

Walvoil SD11 – 1 section

Walvoil SD11 – 2 sections

Walvoil SD11 – 3 sections

Walvoil SD11– 4 section

Walvoil SD11– 5 section

Walvoil SD11– 6 section


If you need other articles please contact our customer service. Amacoo is an international wholesaler with a focus on agriculture, Construction & Transport, industrial and Forrest & Grass Care markets. Amacoo is a supplier of parts for various machines in the 'Off-Highway' for the Benelux. The range comprises no less than 100,000 articles and this continues to grow. Amacoo produces and from thirteen locations worldwide, including Italy, India and Croatia.


Amacoo fast moving Walvoil parts numbers

101111006, 101111031, 101111001,101111048, 101111003 ,101111047, 101111004, 102131004, 102131001, 102130269, 102111016, 102121001, 104161020, 104161011, 104130002, 104161140, 102211003, 102211001, 102200421, 104211002, 104211001, 102311001, 102311002, 102200421, 104311001, 102411001, 102400354, 104411001, 102511001, 102611001, 102211220, 102211157, 102211179, 104210012, 104211124, 104211190, 1XSC30037, 1XSC30036, 1XSC30035, 1XSC30039, 1XSC30038, 172100206, 5TEL005005, 5TEL105005, 174100202, , 5TEL010005, 5TEL110005, 4CAV701000, 4CAV701250, 4CAV701500, 4CAV702000, 4CAV702500, 4CAV703000, 4CAV703500, 102130358, 102200350, 102300611, 102400510, 102500340, 102600234, 5V08104000, 5V08105000, 5V08110000, 5V09104010, 5V09105010, 5V09110000, 5V11104000, 5V11105000, 5V11110000, 5V10104010, 5V10105010, 3CU1110110, 3CU1125130, 3CU1210130, 3CU1225130, 3CU1410130, 3CU1131130, 3CU1231130, 3CU1431130, 5LEV105000, 5LEV110000, XCAP280370, XCAP480510, 5CL0205100, 5CL0210100, 3XGIU522460, 3XGIU532470, 1701X2525, 1701X3525, 1701Z2525, 1701Z3525