Technical Spare Parts
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Technical Spare Parts

Amacoo's advantage

Producer of quality products


Quality-price ratio is decisive at Amacoo. Because of Amacoo’s discount format, good quality products are delivered for low prices.


 Amacoo’s discount format

  • Amacoo is self-producer, so beneficial delivery is possible.
  • Customers have knowledge of the products, so Amacoo gives limited advice.
  • Delivery in five workdays.
  • Amacoo has a strict return policy.
  • Quantum and season related orders are rewarded with competitive rates.
  • Amacoo has no expensive overhead.

Amacoo delivers the fast movers in the related branches for low prices.

Return goods:

When you buy goods on our website, you’ve the right to return the goods within 14 days. You can cancel this without giving any reason. The period of 14 days starts from the day that you received the goods. During this period the consumer will handle the product and packaging carefully. If you want to make use of the right of withdrawal, the products has to be in original condition and packaging. So you can only return the goods in the same condition which you received the goods.

After returning we will refund the amount which is paid within 30 days. The return costs will be charged to the customer.

  • When you want to return one or more articles, make sure that you first will get contact with our Customer Service. This contact has to be within fourteen days. The return must then be made within a reasonable time after the contact with the Customer Service.
  • The products has to be in original condition, packaging and has to be complete. When this is not the case, the consumer is obliged to pay a compensation. This is at least 15% of the purchase price of the product.
  • The return of items is on the risk of the consumers. We advise you to send the goods back with an proof of dispatch.
  • Returns must be provided with a clear sender, the order number and the return form.
  • Unstamped packages, packages without sender or order number or missing packages that are damaged will not be considered by the entrepreneur. These packages are refused or the costs are charged to the buyer. The packages must be in an appropriate box or envelope.
  • If you want to exchange the product return costs will be for the customer. However the customer doesn’t have to pay the new shipping costs. In case of defect or manufacturing imperfections, the shipping cost for the return will be reimbursed by the entrepreneur.


  1. Inform the Customer Service of Amacoo via [email protected]. Report the following: which article it concerns, the article number and the reason why you want to return it.
  2. You will receive an email back containing the address where the items can be sent to and the return form. It’s very important that the return form is with your order, is this not included your order will not be considered by the entrepreneur.
  3. After receiving the return Amacoo will check if the items are in good condition.
  4. If this is the case, you will receive your refund within two working days. If this goods are not in a good condition Amacoo will contact you.